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Amazon- India Employee Benefits, and Leave Policy

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies with a global presence. With the rise of tech-focused companies like Amazon, Google, etc., work culture has drastically changed, becoming more employee-centered. During the pandemic, people saw a significant shift that was the “work from home” option for employees, which almost all companies provided. While most companies turned back to the office model after things normalized, many companies, including Amazon, adopted a hybrid working culture as employees showed enthusiasm for such a working setup.

Amazon India has a lot to offer to its employees, and a few of the perks that the employees of the company enjoy are as follows:

Amazon Employee Benefits

a.) Good office Space

Amazon has excellent office spaces and provides an engaging aesthetic for employees. It is one of the leading brands in e-commerce and offers work-from-the-office and work-from-home options to its employees. The office design is not highly traditional, offering employees a modern workspace aesthetic.

b.) Flexible work time/ weekends- off

Amazon offers flexible working hours to its employees. There are Amazon office employees, VCS employees (Virtual Customer Service), and people who may be working from home. All the company employees enjoy the benefit of flexible work- time. You can decide your shifts based on your convenience. The work-from-home option is not readily available for anyone, but if the circumstances require it, you can opt for it, coordinating with the team.

Employees get two days off every week, and the off day may be the weekend (Sat-Sun), or it can be any other two consecutive days, based on how the work schedule that week is like. So, Amazon offers a five-day work week which is a nice perk.

c.) Overtime/Night-Shift Allowance

Amazon has a well-defined work routine, and when employees put in extra time, they will get paid for the added login time. So, if overtime is available, and employees want to invest some time into work, Amazon does offer overtime payments.

For those working the night shift, Amazon pays special allowances to employees. It is a thoughtful benefit Amazon offers to the employees to incentivize a high- level of work output even towards the night hours. There are terms and conditions to who is eligible for the allowance, and passing that, employees can avail of the benefits.

d.) Home-office budget and Phone/net Allowance

Amazon offered employees a budget to build their home offices, starting during the pandemic. To incentivize quality output from its employees, Amazon offered to fund necessary equipment for setting up home offices for the employees, reimbursing them for the cost incurred (within a set budget).

Amazon also offers to pay for the Phone bill and Wi-Fi (Internet) allowance for its employees (again, within a budget) to ensure that employees can work without any hindrances to their output. It takes a load off many people, allowing them to focus on the work rather than worrying about setting up a workspace.

e.) On-time Salary/ Optional cab service

Unlike many other companies, Amazon employees get paid well and get their allowance on time. There’s no waiting for weeks before you get your salary. There’s a defined salary time, and employees get paid on -time.

For employees who work from the office, Amazon also offers a transportation service (shared cab). Although this service isn’t personalized, and the employees have to pay charges, it is still a big help to those who must otherwise commute alone.

f.) Goodies and Subsidies

Amazon offers employees Sodexo meal cards every month, which employees can avail of in the office cafeteria, or on platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Other than this, employees also receive a fair number of goodies and other gifts like t-shirts, hoodies, and other products every year from the company.

Cafeteria food is not free but is available to employees at a reasonable price. Employees can also consume beverages such as coke, water, juice, etc., from the vending machine, free of cost, and refresh themselves.

g.) Easily switching teams/ Work Abroad Opportunities

There’s not a highly rigid team structure within the company, and employees can work and decide for themselves if they are comfortable working in a particular team. If they want to switch teams, it is not difficult to do so. Following the set protocol, employees can change teams if they choose.

Working with Amazon also allows employees the opportunity to work anywhere in the world if the employee can offer relevant services. Amazon pays a relocation bonus to its employees switching work locations. Employees have the choice to take the relocation bonus and get settled themselves, or Amazon can help them with a smooth transition into the new location.

h.) Health benefits

Amazon takes care of its employees and offers health- benefits. Amazon offers health benefits to all its regular, full-time employees, regardless of their level, tenure, and position.

Employees are eligible for doctor teleconsultations services with general physicians, and this service is also available to their dependents.

Amazon also offers counseling services for employees to help them maintain their overall well-being. These services are fully confidential, and employees can access them 24/7. Employees also get life insurance and disability services.

What is Amazon’s Leave Policy?

Employees can avail themselves of a lot of different leaves when the occasion demands. If you want to take Personal Time off, the company offers paid vacations, and there’s also time off for any Personal Emergencies when you need it. In case of a loss, there are also Bereavement Beaves.

Amazon also offers new parents Parental Leaves to tend to their parental obligations. In this regard, the company provides twenty-six weeks of leave to birth mothers and twelve weeks to mothers who adopt. The policy also enables male employees six weeks off to spend with their children.

Amazon has a Leave Share Program, which helps employees give six weeks of parental leave to their spouse/partner who isn’t eligible for paternity leave from their employer. The company also has a Ramp Back Program that offers parents eight consecutive weeks of flexibility and partial work hours to help them readjust to the work routine smoothly as new parents.


Amazon has a lot to offer to its employees. Although Amazon’s work culture in India and globally is evolving, the company has consistently made employee well-being one of its priorities. Employees can avail of these benefits and the various leaves the company offers.

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