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Benefits Of Amazon Karigar

Karigar is an Amazon initiative that is dedicated to filling the gap between the demand and supply of artisanal handicrafts.

Karigar is an Amazon initiative that is dedicated to filling the gap between the demand and supply of artisanal handicrafts. The program aims to support and enable Indian artisans to sell their products on the Amazon marketplace. 

Customers from all over the world will be able to explore unique traditional and local handicrafts on the dedicated store on Amazon.

Here are some benefits of the Amazon Karigar initiative that sellers can use to scale their business and acquire new customers:

Subsidised Referral Fee

Amazon offers a subsidised Referral Fee or Sell on Amazon (SoA) fee to support local artisans and help them in growing their business online. The upper limit of the fee that artisans have to pay is capped at 8%, depending on the category they sell in. Amazon’s goal is to encourage artisans to join the platform and sell their handicrafts to earn a sustainable income.

Personalised Training

Personalised training as a benefit of Amazon karigar

Artisans and Craftsmen who are new to the world of online selling and ecommerce might run into a lot of challenges while beginning their journey on Amazon. To make the process easy and smooth, Amazon offers online and offline personal training to all Karigar sellers so that they can learn and adapt quickly. 

Account Management Support

In addition to the personalised training, Amazon also steps up to support the Karigar sellers in managing the Seller Central platform. Launching a business can be incredibly exhausting and challenging. Understanding the complexity of the task, Amazon representatives are always ready to help the sellers in the entire process. 

Imaging & Cataloguing Support

A customer’s perception of a product can greatly influence their purchase decision. It is vital to capture the true beauty of handicrafts and showcase the hard work of an artisan in a presentable manner. Therefore, Amazon provides HD photoshoots to new Karigars so that they can create better product catalogues. 

Increased Product Visibility

India’s artisans produce exquisite handicrafts that are truly unique and beautiful. It takes hours, sometimes days, to create a single handicraft product. So each quality handicraft on the Amazon marketplace deserves a spot where thousands of people can see it. Amazon Karigar is the perfect place for all artisanal handicrafts as Amazon customers can easily access it. The high visibility of products can result in more sales for Karigars. 

Marketing Support

Do you know that the Amazon Karigar program has grown by more than 200% since its inception?

This rapid expansion is due to the high demand for quality artisanal products and effective marketing strategies. On a variety of platforms, Amazon promotes handmade and made in India products. These include the Amazon home page, social media, digital ads, press releases, and influencer marketing. For example, Amazon collaborated with Vidya Balan and prime video to promote handmade products.

Do you want to grow your handicraft business? Click here to join the Amazon Karigar family and scale your business to new heights.

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