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How to Choose the Best Studio Apartment in Delhi NCR?

When it comes to selecting a studio apartment in Delhi NCR, one can easily be overwhelmed since there are so many choices to select from. Studio apartments are preferred by individuals seeking efficiency in their living space as they are more suitable for bachelors, students or working professionals. Below are some of the suggestions that will enable you to select the most suitable studio apartment in the bustling Delhi NCR region.


Location is the first and most obvious aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. Delhi NCR has a large area of coverage and all areas have different feel and prospects. Here are some of the most recommended sites to consider-

1. Gurgaon-

Most famous for its high-paced infrastructural growth and accessibility, the city of Gurgaon attracts many young working professionals. There is a range of serviced studio apartments in Gurgaon and one of them is provided by Tapasya Group in 70 Grand walk. You also can try to search studio apartments in DLF Cyber City, MG Road or Golf Course Road.

2. Noida-

Another thriving city in NCR, Noida boasts excellent connectivity and a plethora of amenities. It is well-planned with green spaces and is known for its vibrant community life. You can get a luxurious studio apartment from Dasnac Arch in Noida sector 72. Additionally, Wave City Center, Noida, is known for its modern infrastructure, this location provides high-quality studio apartments with excellent connectivity.

Budget and Affordability:

This is a big consideration when it comes to selecting the studio apartment because of the issue of the available budget. Prices of studio apartments vary depending on the locality and the facilities provided, from affordable 

to luxury studio apartments in Delhi NCR. Availability of options also depends on your budget, so it would be wise to decide on it before anything else. So here is a general framework of what you can look forward to-

– Affordable- ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 per month

– Mid-range- ₹20,000 to ₹40,000 per month

– Luxury- ₹40,000 and above per month

It is important to remember that costs such as maintenance fees, utilities and sometimes even parking fees are also incurred above the cost.

Amenities and Services:

The facilities available and services provided by the apartment can greatly improve your standard of living. Choose the facilities that can readily fit your lifestyle. Some of the major amenities are-

– Security- Round the clock security guards and an effective surveillance camera system.

– Fitness Center- A well-equipped gym to stay healthy and fit.

– Recreational Areas- Common areas like a lounge, garden, or swimming pool

– Parking- Secure parking space if you own a vehicle.

Size and Layout:

The size of the studio apartment and arrangement of the space also greatly influence one’s choices. Studio apartments are considered apartments whose size do not exceed 600 sq ft and can be as small as 300 sq ft. This is the reason when choosing new studio apartments, the following should be considered-

– Storage- A place where you can store all your possessions.

– Natural Lighting- Ample of windows installation for natural lighting and adequate ventilation.

– Functional Layout – A good layout that organizes space in the best manner possible.

Lease Terms:

It is therefore advisable to understand the various lease terms before making decisions. Here are some points that should not be overlooked-

– Lease Duration- Most leases are usually for 6 months to a year or so. In some locations, the leases could be shorter or longer.

– Security Deposit – Review the amount of the security deposit and the provisions for its refund.

– Maintenance – Know what maintenance and utility costs are borne in the rent.

Tapasya Group’s 70 Grandwalk:

70 Grandwalk by Tapasya Group offers fully furnished studio apartments that are luxurious, convenient, and situated in a good location.

1. Prime Location-

70 Grandwalk is located in Sector 70 Gurgaon. It is strategically located near prominent business hubs, shopping malls, and recreational amenities. Accessibility is guaranteed because the building is in close proximity to the metro station and major highways.

2. Modern Amenities-

At 70 Grandwalk, there are the serviced studio apartments that offer all the contemporary comforts for all your convenience. Among them include:

– Fully Furnished Units- The studio apartments for rent are equipped with modern furniture and appliances.

– High-Speed Internet- Stay connected with high-speed internet access.

– Housekeeping Services- Cleaning services are important in ensuring your living environment is clean and tidy.

– 24/7 Security- The premises are secured with round-the-clock security and surveillance.

– Recreational Facilities- Enjoy access to a gym, swimming pool, and common recreational areas.

3.Convenience at Your Doorstep-

Another feature of 70 Grandwalk is that it also has a commercial area inside the compound. It includes several shops, outlets, eateries, and cafes. Whether you need to grab a quick bite, do some shopping, or relax at a café, everything is within a stone’s throw.

Final Thoughts:

Some of the factors that should be taken into consideration when seeking the best studio apartment include location, cost, facilities, accessibility and security. Through these aspects, it is possible to identify a studio apartment that will suit your requirements and personal characteristics. In terms of price, whether you are on a tight budget or looking for luxurious studio apartments, Delhi NCR has got you covered. For those seeking a high-end living experience, the serviced studio apartments by Tapasya Group’s 70 Grandwalk in Gurgaon is the best Studio Apartment, combining comfort, convenience, and modern amenities.

Make sure to view various potential apartments, don’t hesitate to inquire and read the lease agreement carefully. Delhi NCR offers endless options regarding the studio apartment, and with the proper strategy in mind, you will be able to select the space that will improve your living experience.

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