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Deloitte India Collaborates with Ramco Systems: Transforming Payroll Paradigm

The synergy of two powerful entities often gives rise to something extraordinary. Such is the case with the collaborative partnership between Deloitte India and Ramco Systems, where the amalgamation of expertise promises to redefine the landscape of payroll solutions in India.

Ramco Systems is a leading global payroll technology provider. This collaboration offers a comprehensive payroll solution encompassing operational services, compliance, and a seamless user experience for businesses operating in India.

The powerful collaboration signifies a strong commitment to delivering a payroll solution that goes beyond conventional boundaries. With a global outlook and coverage spanning over 150 countries, the unified platform promises operational services, compliance, and a seamless user experience, all accessible through a single, comprehensive payroll solution.

Let’s see how the partnership will reshape the Indian payroll landscape and its impact on payroll transformation in India.

Synopsis of Ramco Systems

Ramco Systems is a leading enterprise software provider, reshaping the market with its cloud-based and mobile enterprise solutions for over 25 years. With a remarkable track record, Ramco has served 1000+ global customers, impacting 2 million+ users in different areas such as global payroll, aviation, aerospace, defence, and ERP. The RS empowers enterprise growth with innovative products and platforms. It is cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, RPA, and blockchain to facilitate organizations in their digital transformation journey.

Rohit Mathur, SVP and SBU Head, HR and Payroll at Ramco, expresses his viewpoints about the partnership, stating,

“We are now leveraging their expertise across multiple facets. I’m confident that this partnership, along with our investments in high-end technologies like low-code frameworks, lightning-fast in-memory payroll, and AI-powered validations and analytics, will prove to be game-changers.”

What can we expect from the Strategic Alliance?

Deloitte stresses the importance of flexible digital systems in the changing tax landscape.To meet the ever-evolving tax requirements, the need for swift and adaptable digital infrastructure arises that allows organizations to address their business needs and remain compliant. This strategic partnership aims at modernizing payroll solutions. Gokul Chaudhri, President, Tax, Deloitte India, comments

“Our strategic partnership with Ramco signifies our commitment to empower businesses with a powerful blend of technology and implementation, ensuring unwavering quality and excellence, regardless of our valued clients’ geographical location or the scale of their operations.”.

The partnership incorporates advanced technologies like AI, ML, chatbots, and tech-enabled communication for scalability and innovation. Both firms are dedicated to providing significant value by utilizing their expertise in payroll compliance, regulatory requirements, and transformative business services. Furthermore, the collaboration mark milestones, fostering mutual growth and opening new opportunities for global businesses and a wide range of services like mitigating risk with smooth integration, expediting delivery, optimizing performance, and improving visibility.

This will empower businesses to establish and sustain continuous, self-sufficient governance, fostering efficiency, scalability, and innovation in the digital realm.

Key Highlights of this Alliance

 1. Compliant:

  1. Secured and Accurate Managed Services: Ensuring that managed services provided are secure and accurate in compliance with applicable regulations.
  2. Expat Compliance: Manage and adhere to compliance requirements related to expatriate employees.
  3. Last Mile Services: providing services that cover the final stages or details, ensuring comprehensive compliance.

 2. Convenient:

  1. Global Payroll View in a Single Product: Offers a unified view of global payroll within a single product for user convenience.
  2. Seamless implementation: ensuring a smooth and hassle-free implementation process.
  3. Certified Connectors with Global HCM Providers: Establishing certified connections with global Human Capital Management (HCM) providers for seamless integration.
  4. Query Assistance through Chatbot Helpdesk: Providing convenient query assistance through both a chatbot and a helpdesk.

3. Complete:

  1. Individual Tax Compliance: Ensuring compliance with individual tax regulations.
  2. Advisory Payroll: Providing advisory services related to payroll management.
  3. Human Capital: Offering advisory services in the area of human capital management.

The alliance between two powerhouses—Deloitte India and Ramco Systems—represents a significant milestone in the evolution of payroll solutions. By merging expertise and innovation, the collaboration aims to redefine how businesses approach payroll management in India, setting new standards for efficiency, scalability, and user experience. It revolutionizes the global payroll landscape and provides unmatched value to businesses.

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