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Facts About Vestige Assure Pro Tip Hair Care Product in India At Best Price

Vestige is a leading professional hair care brand offering a wide range of products. Since its formation in Delhi, India, in 2004, the company has earned a reputation for providing promising results on the scalp and hair via luxurious products and specialised in-salon treatments, all supported by research expertise and specialists’ understanding.

Vestige promotes a care-first approach that goes beyond its products in order to care for all hair types, people, and the environment. Vestige has created upscale hair care products for both males and females, for all hair types, using active ingredients that provide results quickly.

List of vestige hair care products

Following mentioned below is the list of vestige hair care products.


This assured hair conditioner is your finest choice if you’re seeking a natural and head-friendly hair conditioner.

Your hair becomes more glossy and smooth when you use the finest conditioner. This hair product weighs 75g in total.


This Assure deep cleanse shampoo is indeed the best choice if you want a natural hair wash with a long shelf life and a pleasant aroma.

Your hair receives intense treatment from this Cleanse Shampoo oil, which also strengthens it from the inside out. This product has a 200 ML net weight.


This Assure moisture-rich shampoo is the best choice if you’re looking for a shampoo for dry and brittle hair. To help hydrate dry hair, it is loaded with milk proteins and the beneficial properties of green tea extracts.

The moisture-rich shampoo for dry, damaged hair is guaranteed. It helps make your hair silky and manageable. This product weighs 200 ML in total.


It is the ideal hair shampoo for you if you’re seeking a mild, natural everyday shampoo. It works wonders to stop hair loss and breakage.

With this ASSURE DAILY Treatment SHAMPOO, your hair receives daily care and is made shinier. This product weighs 200 ML in net weight.


The finest hair oil for your hair is this one if you’re looking for a heady, light oil. The use of the hair oil leaves a very light and non-greasy feeling.

When you get out of the shower and every time you walk outdoors, apply this oil. This oil has a wonderful, fresh scent that makes you feel great. This hair oil weighs 200 ML in total weight.

What makes vestige assure products the best?

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which commenced trading in the year 2004, is quickly rising to the top of the direct selling industry by offering premium wellness goods. Every year, Vestige expands at an astounding pace. The growth rate alone says a lot about the quality of the goods, the marketing strategy, and the management that was able to create such a gratifying and long-lasting system.

  • They have always had a futuristic perspective.
  • Their goods are of the highest quality.
  • Pricing and client retention are both done well.


You may immediately get these top-quality goods from the company’s online website. The product’s retailer pricing and purchase link are connected.

The price will undoubtedly be greater than the actual price if you purchase these items from any other website. Therefore, the decision to purchase it from the official website is indeed recommended.

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