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Health Benefits of Ayusante LiverHealth

Your liver plays a crucial role in regulating essential chemical levels in the body and also secretes bile which is responsible for getting rid of waste products.

Your liver plays a crucial role in regulating essential chemical levels in the body and also secretes bile which is responsible for getting rid of waste products. The liver is also known as the workhorse of the digestive system, as it performs more than 500 tasks to keep you healthy. Our bodies are dependent on the liver to break down the flowing blood into nutrients so that the body can absorb them. Here are some functions of the liver:

  • The liver produces proteins for blood plasma.
  • It also maintains blood levels of amino acids.
  • The liver uses blood to extract iron and store it. 
  • It carries fat through the body. 
  • Liver processes the food that we eat and extracts glycogen from it to store it in the body. Glycogen content dictates our energy levels. 
  • The liver synthesizes cholesterol. 
  • It also plays an important role in pregnancy as the liver recycles blood in the fetal development process. 
  • Removes bacteria from the blood. 
  • Makes our body more immune to infections.

Therefore, it is essential to keep our liver healthy, and you can do that by consuming one capsule of Vestige Ayusante Liverhealth thrice a day. It is an ayurvedic supplement that increases the power of your body to heal itself.

The active ingredients in Ayusante Liverhealth are:

  1. Swertia Chirata (Ciraita)
  2. Picrorhiza kurroa (Kutuka)
  3. Piper longum (Pipali)
  4. Vitis vinifera (common grape-draksha)
  5. Silybum marianum (bhatkataiya/milk thistle)

Benefits of Ayusante Liverhealth 

Millions of people rely on Ayusante Liverhealth to improve the health of their liver. Here are popular benefits of Ayusante Liverhealth:

  • The ingredients present in Ayusante Liverhealth increase the regenerative properties of your liver and also act as anti-inflammatory. 
  • People suffering from hepatitis can benefit from the anti-inflammatory action.
  • Ayusante Liverhealth restricts fibrosis. 
  • It can help in the treatment of many liver diseases.
  • It can improve the concentration of liver enzymes. 
  • Ayusante Liverhealth can be beneficial for people suffering from fatty liver disease. 

How To Keep Your Liver Healthy?

Supplements should be used as “supplements” and not as a replacement for fresh food. If you want to keep your liver healthy, you should pay more attention to what you are feeding to your body. Being mindful of what you eat can resolve a lot of health issues. Eat a well-balanced diet, stay active and consume one capsule of Ayusante Liverhealth thrice a day to keep your liver performing at its best. 

Alcohol and drugs can do severe damage to your liver. Anything that you eat or drink impacts the health of a lot of organs, including the liver. People who are suffering from any liver issue or disease should pay extra attention to what they are eating. In any case, always consult your doctor before consuming any supplement or making drastic changes to your diet. 

Signs of Liver Diseases & Damage

Did you know that the liver is the body’s second largest organ? It sits comfortably under the right side of your ribcage. There are a lot of conditions that can harm your liver or restrict its functioning. Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from liver issues and diseases. According to a study conducted in the US, 1 out of 10 Americans is suffering from a type of liver disease. However, most liver diseases don’t produce immediately noticeable signs and symptoms. Here are some common signs of Liver diseases:

  • Abdominal pain and swelling. 
  • Dark urine color. 
  • Excessive Fatigue.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Loss of appetite

If you are having any of these symptoms, then consult your doctor today. 

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