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How does Amazon Pay Smart Stores plan to transform the offline shopping experience in India?

After experiencing success with several other endeavors, notably Amazon Prime Video, Prime Video Direct, Amazon Music, and Amazon Fresh, among others, the always experiential Amazon is now launching its new program known as ‘Amazon Pay Smart Stores.’

What is the importance of SMEs in India?

After China, India has the second-highest percentage of SMEs in the world. Small and mid-sized enterprises account for nearly 40% of export earnings and 45% of industrial output. The disruption caused by lockdowns and on-ground restrictions affected sellers and buyers. So, Amazon wants to benefit millions of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises across India through its robust online retail presence worldwide. It includes sellers, artisans and weavers, delivery and logistics service people, and more. This brings us to Amazon Pay Smart Stores program.

Why is Amazon India launching the Amazon Pay Smart Stores program?

The objective is to support offline Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), retailers, and micro merchants by providing a reputable and trustworthy online shopping platform that shares Amazon’s commitment. Through ‘Amazon Pay Smart Stores’, Amazon partners with more than 18,000 merchants and nearly 130 brands across Tier-II, and III cities through their ‘Amazon Pay Smart Stores‘ program.

Who is going to benefit from this Amazon Pay Smart Store program?

Amazon believes in the mutual benefit of customers and its sellers and believes these ‘digital storefronts’ will engage in a better shopping experience across India. 

First, visitors and customers need to install the Amazon app, then scan the QR code available to these shop owners to check their catalog. 

Second, it will display all the available discounts and deals after scanning, including reviews left by previous customers. On a side note, store owners can maintain their digital inventory log through the QR code provided. Amazon Pay in India offers your preferred UPI scan and pay functionality in addition to the standard debit and credit cards. 

In other words, it eliminates all concerns about physical currency or credit cards by transferring everything to the safe digital environment of the Amazon Pay Smart Store.

“We are committed to enabling merchants and customers with easy access to credit, reduce friction in their everyday transactions and maximize their savings. Amazon Pay will continue to offer solutions to customers choosing to shop offline including better discoverability of nearby stores, affordability propositions like No Cost EMIs, bank discounts, value-added services such as insurance, warranty, and much more,” said Girish Krishnan, Director of Amazon Pay Rewards.

When should you consider using ‘Amazon Pay Smart Stores’?

Mahendra Nerurkar, CEO of Amazon Pay, believes with Amazon, the ease of online shopping comes with safety and convenience, where every transaction should be rewardable and economical. In the meantime, by offering EMIs, bank discounts, and rewards, we aid businesses in growing their sales. It anticipates that the presence of ‘The Amazon Pay Smart Store’ in India will boost sales for retailers through easy-mode Amazon services.

‘Amazon Pay Smart Stores’ is for you if you want to save money, earn bonus points, and have better shopping experiences through Amazon.

Where can customers sign up to join the Amazon Pay Smart Store program?

Download the latest Amazon app. 

Visit your local offline store, go to your Amazon Pay section, and see if your preferred retailer is listed under the “Amazon Pay Smart Store” program.

Amazon has clarified that neither business owners nor customers would be charged a fee or commission for any transactions.


The program, launched in 2020, contains several promotions and benefits for users who use the Amazon app to shop offline. Amazon India hopes to transform the offline shopping experience through their vast network and well-developed shopping system.

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