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Moonshot Podcast: A Conversation with Lalit Keshre and Ashish Agrawal, MD Peak XV

In the fast-paced environment of startups and entrepreneurs, the essence of success lies in the intricate web of innovation, strategic thinking, and a good grasp of market dynamics. On Moonshot Podcast, Lalit Keshre, co-founder and CEO at Groww, and Ashish Agrawal, Managing Director at Peak XV Partners, the duo shared their remarkable journey of founding Groww and making it the largest investment platform in India. Let us now dig deeper into the main themes discussed in their conversation and learn the strategies that have resulted in Groww’s great accomplishment.

Financial Services: A Fundamental Human Need-

Lalit Keshre‘s journey from a modest village to setting up Groww is a proof of the fact that education and opportunity can play a significant role in a person’s transformation. In this context he stresses the position of financial services as a basic human need as crucial as food, clothes, and shelter. Identifying with the fact that the financial services penetration in India was very low, Lalit understood a gap and that technology could be used to make investing available to millions. This was the core vision behind Groww’s mission which is to provide investment opportunities to all irrespective of their demographics.

Engineering and Finance Convergence-

Groww’s success can be credited for a rare combination of the financial sector and the engineering field. Lalit’s engineering experience along with his dedicated passion for investment helped him to create a tech platform that is in line with the millennials who are obviously tech-savvy. He uses examples of his time at Flipkart and Groww explaining the significance of technology itself as the engine of innovation in resistance-prone industries like finance.

Empowering Decentralized Teams for Rapid Decision-Making-

Decentralized decision-making is another notable aspect that distinguishes Groww from its competitors. It enables teams to take prompt action. Lalit highlights the importance of speed and velocity in the context of a competitive market environment. Through this delegation of decision-making and atmosphere of autonomy, Groww empowers employees to play with ideas and stay ahead of the market. This method however not only quickens the product development but also creates a sense of belonging in the team and accountability as well.

Customer-Centricity: The Driving Force Behind Groww-

Groww’s strategy has been fueled by its customer-centric approach, which the company holds dear to its heart. In his speech, Ashish makes it clear that Groww caters to the demands of its main population that is the 27-years-old millennial in India. Through emphasizing user experience, simplicity and clarity, Groww has successfully stood out in the field with a high level of competitiveness. The decision to launch no-commission direct plans is evidence of Groww’s motto that the company is willing to incur the loss even in the short term if it means higher interests of customers.

Educational Initiatives: Giving the Customers Fair Choice and Educated Decisions-

Along with the provision of an easy investing experience, Groww also invests in various educational initiatives aimed at equipping users with financial intelligence. Groww provides education through its Groww Academy, YouTube channels, and live events, allowing users to learn about different investment options, risk management techniques, and market trends. Adopting a pull-driven model of education, Groww ensures that the users are trained adequately to take informed decisions that harmonize with their financial goals.

Long-Term Orientation and Frugality: Success Factors of Sustaining Growth-

A particular characteristic of Groww that stands out is its long-term and thrifty outlook. Unlike the majority of other startups focussing on getting quick returns, Groww is focused on building a sustainable business for the long run. This patient approach encompasses employee compensation, office infrastructure, and resources allocation, and other things. Through purpose, autonomy, and growth, Groww has been able to recruit the best professionals and create an environment of innovation where the talent can grow.


In the competitive business of financial services, Groww shines brightly in the horizon as a ball of innovation that is driven by customer-centricity. Lalit Keshre and Ashish Agrawal’s input can surely be a boon for innovators who are hoping to represent themselves in the startup world. Through the adoption of innovations, creating extended power in teamwork, and keeping the client’s needs as a top priority, Groww is not just changing the future of fintech but also making a rapid shift in the world of investing. Standing on its shoulders, Groww’s journey inspires entrepreneurs across the globe to conquer the challenges of building startups and constantly overcome the obstacles that seem impossible to achieve, yet happen to be realized solely by perseverance, vision, and customer focus.

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