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Jayanti Khan Chauhan VC Bisleri Goes Candid at Rollin With The Boss

The young Bisleri heiress defines herself as an ardent animal lover, a keen photographer, and an entrepreneur having a penchant for loving the voiceless abandoned animals. While cites her childhood incident, where she went out for a book shopping spree with her father and insisted on adopting a dog as she couldn’t see her daddy and mother. From there on, she keenly adopted abandoned street dogs and cats and nurtured them. Her unconditional love for pets kept growing. There was a time in her life when she kept nine dogs at a time. She believes, “Dogs are not meant to be trained; rather, they need to be set free”.

While demonstrating her selfless love for animals, she would even “cuddle a crocodile if I knew that guy wouldn’t bite me.”

Since five years, she has turned vegan and ditched a non-vegetarian diet.

Leading the Big-B Business Like a Boss

Being the daughter of the Cola Man of India, Ms Jayanti khan Chauhan does not like to rest on her laurels. She believes in leading the company and doing things her way. If things go in her favour, she graciously accepts the success; if it tanks, she figures out the ordeals and concludes to do things better. She firmly believes in charting her path, recognizing that being a replica of her father is not the way forward. According to her, authenticity is key, and one should strive to be oneself for personal growth.

Honour Both Her Parent’s Lineage in Her Name

Generally, people address her by her father’s name; this made her contemplate and recalibrate the male-dominated notions where people enquire about their father’s whereabouts and do not ask about their mother. This surprised her, and to break free from this notion, she undersigns her name as Jayanti Khan Chauhan, which proudly represents the mix of two “completely different backgrounds.”

Believers in Having Every God Maintain a Secular Office Space:

She believes in the goodness of all religions and respects everyone’s beliefs. According to her, each religion teaches us “to be good, do good, and not hurt others.” Ms Chauhan has regarded every religion and has kept the statues of Lord Ganesh, a cross, a verse from the Quran, and a Buddha statue, promoting a diverse and inclusive environment that honours different spiritual paths.

Proficiency as a Multilingual

Ms. Jayanti Chauhan possesses a natural talent for languages. She is proficient in English and Tamil, has studied Italian and Spanish, and knows Arabic too. With already half a dozen languages under her belt, she enjoys the joy of having linguistic diversity.

Promotes open and free-flow communication

The woman in charge at Bisleri underscores the significance of transparent communication and the readiness to abandon ideas when needed. This challenges the stereotype of a controlling family member within a business. By promoting open dialogue and a flexible approach, she deviates from traditional norms and fosters a collaborative and innovative work culture.

Supporting Women’s Needs in the Workplace:

As a business leader, she prioritizes her team’s diverse needs. She supports women by granting a day off during monthly cycles and values family bonds with generous maternity and paternity leave. It reflects Ms. Chauhan’s commitment to fostering a workplace that values both personal and professional well-being.

The Journey Ahead

While getting a sneak peek into her lifestyle, it becomes evident that Jayanti Chauhan’s leadership style is rooted in authenticity, a passion for languages, and a commitment to innovation. Her journey with Bisleri reflects a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, creating a unique identity for the brand. Watch the full episode of Rollin’ With The Boss on Mint and enjoy the ride of knowing the VC!

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