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Vestige Sharp Air Purifier: A Review 

Over the years, technological advancements have spawned a lot of great home appliances, improved our lifestyles and made home maintenance more affordable than ever. There are so many different brands offering a variety of devices that serve various purposes inside your home. One of the lifestyle hacks/tools that improve the home environment infinitely is an air purifier. 

There is a range of air purifiers from well-established brands you can choose from, and which one you choose depends on factors like the area you live in, your space size, budget, and so on. One of the best air purifiers on the market right now is the VESTIGE SHARP Air Purifier

But before we explore this remarkable product, let’s find out:

Why an air purifier? 

Air purifiers help clean the air inside your house, making it suitable for breathing. Most air purifiers help improve the atmosphere by first sucking it in through an in-built fan and then passing the air through one or more filters. The filtrations system removes any contaminants in the air stream discharging purer air into the room.

Using an air purifier can be helpful for you in several ways, including: 

  • Better health- Using an air purifier, a lot of allergens and pathogens like fungus, pollen, dust particles, bacteria, viruses, and so on can be removed easily from the air, making it safer to breathe. Air purifiers help people who suffer from medical complications like asthma and immunodeficiency. 
  • No pet Dander- if you live with a furry animal like a cat, or a dog, you’re aware of how annoying their dander can be. Air purifiers can’t clean pet hair entirely but are effective in cleaning pet dander. 
  • Reduce air-borne diseases- Air purifiers with advanced filtration systems can remove allergens and pathogens that may be responsible for causing or spreading air-borne diseases. It can help prevent the spread of air-borne diseases like the common cold, flu, etc.


Vestige is a leading MLM in India, with a wide range of great products for its customers. The Vestige Sharp air purifier is one of the company’s most impressive products, popular with customers for its superior quality and design. Vestige is an established brand, gaining popularity and growing consistently over the past few years. The company designs its products with care, considering the high expectations of its clients, and Vestige Sharp is no exception. The product is a great option to improve the air quality of your home. 

Here’s the breakdown of the product- 



It is a room air-purifier, aesthetically designed, ideal for purifying your bedroom, living room, etc. Vestige Sharp air-purifier is portable, and you can easily place it in the room where you’d like to purify the air. 

The triple filtration system of the unit involves a fine mesh pre-filter, HEPA filter, and active carbon filter, which ensure that there are no contaminants left in the room after installing Vestige Sharp. 

The intelligent design of the unit makes it easy to operate and clean, and users don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it, despite the advanced purification technology of the device. 


The device uses advanced Plasma cluster Ion Technology to deliver the best performance for any space, using active and passive air purification. The Plasma cluster Ion Generator, HEPA & Pre Filter of the device are effective enough to capture various pathogens and harmful gases, effectively removing any health threats, pollutants, and foul odors from the room, and can trap up to 0.3-micron particles. For quick action, the unit has the “HAZE” mode. The device is suitable for 24/7 operation and can neutralize secondary sources of PM2.5 particles. The device automatically shuts off once the air quality is optimized.


  • Weight – 2.7 kg
  • Dimensions – 10x20x20 cm 
  • Coverage area- 220 sq feet 
  • Power Consumption: max 51W 
  • Noise Level: max 47db
  • Airflow- 220 CMH
  • Filter life- 2 years (depending on environmental and other factors)


  • Vestige Sharp can eliminate germs from the air and surfaces.  
  • The device neutralizes foul odors and toxins. 
  • The unit ensures fresh air, improving skin elasticity, moisture, and texture. 
  • Uses a triple filtration system for effective purification of the air, delivering the highest clean air delivery rate (CADR) in its category (AHAM certified). 

Should you buy a VESTIGE SHARP Air Purifier? 

If you’re looking for a well-designed, portable air-purification unit that can keep you safe against air-borne diseases, irritants, and other pollutants, it’s the perfect product. Vestige Sharp air purifier uses a triple filtration system leveraging the advanced plasma cluster technology to deliver the best performance to trap up to 0.3-micron particles, making it a safe bet for any room up to 250 square feet in size. It has a quiet operation and can operate 24/7 if needed. It is a highly efficient and effective air-purification solution and a smart investment for any homeowner. 

Maintenance Tips 

Vestige Sharp air-purifier is pretty easy to maintain, and by following the tips below, you can ensure its uninterrupted performance-  

  • Avoid using the device in moist or wet areas such as the kitchen. 
  • Keep the device at least one foot from the back wall to ensure effective cleaning. 
  • Place the purifier somewhere there are no blockages and where it is visible from all corners of the room. 
  • Do regular maintenance on the device. Do not wash the HEPA filter with water. Avoid cleaning with any pointy surfaces. 
  • You can clean the HEPA and active carbon filter with a dry brush or cloth every 7-10 days. You can wash fine mesh filters and the frame with a wet cloth, but make sure they’re dry before you put back the HEPA and active carbon filter.


 Q- Why do I need an air purifier? 

A- If you feel the air quality inside your home needs to be improved, an air purifier is the most practical solution. Air purifiers are especially a boon to people who suffer from allergies caused by dust, pollen, etc., and have asthma or immunodeficiency. It also helps remove pathogens and foul odors. 

 Q- Is Vestige Sharp a good investment? 

A- Vestige sharp has a sleek and portable design. It is a lightweight, highly effective, and efficient air-purification device, and it can cover areas up to 250 sq ft. It uses advanced plasma cluster technology to clear your room of any allergens, pathogens, and other contaminants quickly and effectively. 

 Q- How often do I need to replace the HEPA filter? 

A- Normally, the HEPA filter needs changing every two years or so, but depending on the environmental conditions and other factors, you may need to replace the filter sooner. You do need to do filter cleaning every 7-10 days to ensure proper functioning.


Vestige Sharp air-purifier is one of the best air-purification devices available in the market. Vestige is a leading MLM company based in India, and this product from the company is very well-designed, easy to operate, and a highly effective solution. 

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