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What Is Vestige? How Can It Help Us Earn Money?

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. started its operations in 2004 and since then has become the largest direct-selling company in India that deals in health and personal care products of world-class quality and durability. Products sold by Vestige include health care, consumables, home appliances, proprietary ayurvedic medicine, home hygiene, and whatnot. Also, the company works towards selling high-quality health and wellness products that aim at achieving a mission of good health for the entire nation.

All the products sold by Vestige are hundred percent made in India. All the raw materials are from local sources, and the production and sales network include local suppliers, partners, and customers. Using materials from India only builds an interconnected network of citizens that strengthens the economy of the country by working hard together. With the motto of spreading wealth through the wellness of citizens, Vestige continues to be the benchmark of a company that enriches the lives of its customers through high-quality and trustworthy products.

Vestige Working Opportunity

Vestige business offers amazing opportunities to students, housewives, and working professionals alike to work with them and become self-reliant by taking charge of their finances. One of its main goals is to empower its employees so that they can lead a stable, healthy, and financially independent life. Keeping in sync with this belief Vestige has launched several programs and initiatives which promote women’s empowerment and the involvement of teenagers in building the economy of the country. It promotes leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance in both women and teens.

Vestige continues to grow at a surprising rate every year, its success and growth rate alone is enough for us to estimate the excellence of its marketing plan and management system that is able to deliver to such a large customer base. And not only that, it is also able to satisfy its customers and meet their expectations.

Vestige has not stopped its expansion and continues to introduce new and innovative products to its list every year. All Vestige products are manufactured at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which have both Halal and GMP certifications. It has been working towards building a wide network of distributors, customers, and manufacturers. Vestige boasts 3000+ online and offline sales outlets across India, several international offices, and numerous distributor centers.

The ultimate mission of Vestige marketing is to grow to a global scale and become the epitome of direct selling.

Why Should You Join Vestige?

Joining Vestige Marketing provides its customers with these three benefits which are not guaranteed by any other business of job –

  • Zero Investment – Joining Vestige marketing does not require an investment it can be done for free without having to invest any amount of money. Join the company, buy its products, and start earning.
  • Freedom of Time – There is no time bondage, you can work whenever you want. This is one of the reasons earning money through Vestige is so famous amongst teenagers and housewives. It provides flexible working hours, allowing the customer to work whenever it is convenient for them.
  • Family Security – After you have successfully built your team, money will automatically be deposited into your bank account. Under your death, the money will continue to be deposited to your nominee.

Vestige is the only Indian company that registers 2 lakh, people, every month. It is also the only Indian company where more than thousands of people earn 1 lakh to 60 lakhs every month. But how do these people earn money? How does Vestige help them become self-independent and financially stable?

How Can You Earn Money Through Vestige?

The basic process of earning money through Vestige marketing involves joining Vestige Marketing as a product distributor. This would include buying the company’s products at a wholesale price and then selling the same products at a retail price. Now, Vestige can be described as a company that opens gates to unlimited income without any investment. In order to understand this, let us first understand the major difference between traditional business and direct selling business. In traditional business, a product reaches a customer after passing through various middlemen such as distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Additionally, there is a large amount of expenditure on advertisements which we have seen involving celebrities who ask for a large amount of money to promote the brand. In this way, the product whose initial manufacturing cost was Rs. 50/- is sold at Rs. 100/- to the customer. Rs. 50/- is distributed between the middlemen and the advertisers.

On the other hand, in direct selling companies such as the Vestige, there are no middlemen and neither are there any advertisers, the products are sold directly to the customer who himself becomes the advertiser/wholesaler/retailer of the company. Now, the extra Rs.50/- that went to middlemen and advertisers in traditional marketing is given to the customer in direct selling marketing.

There are various products that we have been using throughout our lives, we even recommend good products to our family and friends but we do not get an income from these shops because we have been buying these products from local retailers and shops and not from direct selling companies like the Vestige. This form of traditional marketing does not allow financial benefits for the customer but rather it robs the customer of their finances.

Earning money through Vestige can be done easily as Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. provides its customers with 7 types of income which aim at changing the lives of its employees and making them independent when it comes to finances these include –

  • Savings on consumption – if you join the Vestige business as a distributor you get a discount of 20% on MRP on most of its products. If you buy products for self-consumption, you get a 20% off on the MRP. Also, if you buy products at the Distributor Price then you get a profit of 20% if you sell those products at MRP.
  • Accumulative Performance Bonus – 5-20% performance bonuses are given on self-purchases and 0-15% performance bonuses are given on your team purchases, all this is transferred directly to your bank account.
  • Director Bonus – 14% of the company’s monthly PV is allocated as Director Bonus (DB)
  • Leadership Overriding Bonus – silver directors and above are eligible for the Leadership Overriding Bonus (LOB). The amount or percentage of this bonus depends on the position.
  • Travel Fund – a Travel Fund is provided to Silver Directors and above. This is paid out according to the same level as the Director Bonus qualifications.
  • Car Fund – start directors and above are provided with a Car Fund (CF). 5% of the company’s monthly PV is allocated to the CF.
  • House Fund – the Crown Directors and above of Vestige are provided with a generous House Fund (HF). Again, about 3% of the company’s total PV is allocated to the HF.

In this way, earning through Vestige Marketing is easy to understand and a fast way to earn financial independence. If you follow the simple step of buying products from the Vestige, asking one person to join your team every month, and making sure the new distributor does the same then you are bound to earn a large amount of money every month. And as you continue to expand your network, your income will expand in the same way.

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